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Hi guys. My name is Johnny, and I'm from Australia. I've have been living and tripping around Mexico for about 1.5 years. I have fallen in love with this place. The people, beaches, culture, food and the language.

In this time I've learnt a lot about the Mexican culture, how they operate, and what to expect. In Latin American countries, it's funny how what you think might happen and what actually happens can be totally different. Anything from taxis, restaurants, tours, markets or even just lining up. Sometimes you just have to laugh and enjoy the moment.

I want to share with you everything I love about this country. All the tips, best places to go, things to do, where to eat and sleep and the way of life in Mexico Everything!!

So i hope you enjoy.


Mazunte Mexico Travel

A little bit about my travels

About 10 years ago, I woke up hungover on a Sunday after going to the same pub i'd go to most weekends for years .I decided needed a change. I had some friends in London that wanted me to go over. So the next day i went to the travel agent, and booked a ticket. Just like that!! My mind had been set. I was leaving in a month. Organised my working visa, and i was ready.

I spent a total of 4 years in London. Between working, I travelled to most countries in Europe and had the most amazing time. Loved every minute of it. But it was time for me to leave.

But i still wanted to travel a little bit more before heading home. So a South America trip was on the cards. First was Mexico, then flew to Colombia, and travelled all the way down to Argentina by bus, through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile. 1 full year of backpacking. It was long, tiring and amazing.

I had to come home. I'd ran out of money. I went home with nothing. So I was on a mission to save up and to do it all again. So i worked flat out for 3 years. Had a couple good little trips in that time to New Zealand, Bali and Brazil. And a couple months in Mexico, Belize and Guatemala.

So i set off again. A one way ticket to Nicuagura. I had every intention to start travelling south. I wanted to do the boat trip through the Blas Islands from Panama to Colombia. But i met some people to travel with, and slowly started creeping north through El Salvador and Guatemala and ended up in Mexico again. I decided it was time to stop moving and study some Spanish. So i stopped in Oaxaca and did 6 weeks of Spanish classes. I highly recommend it. Did wonders for my Spanish and was able to start communicating with locals.

During those lessons I was living in Oaxaca, and has been my base ever since. I've left the country a few times for a month at a time, to Europe, Jamaica and back to Australia. But always returning to Mexico. It draws me back every time.

So for now things are going along nicely here. I've seen a lot of Mexico, but still loads more to see.

All up I've been to around 35 countries. I've slowed up the way i travel these days. Less rush, and more to really experience a culture. Not just see the sights.

And thats more or less what I've been up to the last 10 years.

Happy Travels!!

Oaxaca Mexico Travel


  • te iba a escribir en ingles pero me acorde que tomaste clases de español así que practiquemos!!

    Es increíble la decisión que tomaste de viajar y conocer el mundo y sobretodo te agradezco que siempre tratas de mostrarle a los demás lo hermoso que es mi país México!!! Como cualquier otro lugar tiene sus cosas malas pero es mas la riqueza cultural y natural que tenemos los mexicanos que hay que presumirla!!! Espero poder conocerte algún día!
    saludos extranjero!!!!! Mis mejores deseos siempre Jaja

  • Hello! I am Aida From Panther Trips, Riviera Maya. I am currently designing retreats to this magical place and would be delighted if you could let me use some of your photos for my instagram page. Of course we would use them while mentioning your blog and adding a link to it. our Instagram is : gustoescapes and it is operated by (instagram) panthertrips. Bienvenido a mi país hermano! By the way I´ve never been to Australia but its on my bucket list

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