How to get from San Cristobal de Las Casas to Guatemala.

How to renew your Mexican tourist visa and how much it costs.

Heading South from San Cristobal de Las Casas into Guatemala? It’s very easy.

People have two reasons to go to the border of Guatemala. Like me, because your 6 month tourist visa is about to expire and you want to extend it for another 6 months, or because you are travelling South into Central America.

Let me explain how to get from San Cristobal to Guatemala…

How to travel from San Cristobal to Antigua or Lake Atitlan.

Ok, so if you are travelling onward into Central America, your best and quickest option is to take a shuttle from San Cristobal direct to Antigua, Lake Atitlan and other destinations in Guatemala. Talk with any agency in San Cristobal, they will organise one for you. It’ll cost you 450 pesos to Antigua, 335 pesos to Quetzaltenango or Panajachel at Lake Atitlan. You will pass through immigrations in both countries with the people on your shuttle.



To renew your Mexican tourist visa from San Cristobal to the Guatemalan Border.

If you are wanting to renew your Mexican tourist visa for another 6 months, then you’ll be taking a couple shuttles or direct with ADO/OCC.

With ADO/OCC first class bus.

In San Cristobal, walk to the ADO station 6 blocks from the city center. You can take a bus direct to the border from here. You will take the bus to Cuidad Cuauhtemoc for 138 pesos($7) one way. Or just ask for the bus to Guatemala, they will know what you’re talking about. Check out the ADO website for times.

Using shuttles.

This can be a better option as the shuttles run every 20 minutes. You will have to take two shuttles.

Just outside the ADO terminal, turn left 100 meters. There are about 20 shuttle companies all screaming out their destinations haha. First you will need to travel to Comitan. It is 1.5 hours and 55 pesos ($2.80). Ask anybody where, but they will be searching for you to take their shuttle, you will find them.

Arriving in Comitan, you will be dropped off right in front of your next shuttle. Your next destination will be to the border town of Cuidad Cuauhtemoc or you’ll see the sign Frontera (Border). Again this shuttle is 1.5 hours and costs 50 pesos ($2.50) and run every 20 minutes.

Arriving in the border town of Cuidad Cuauhtemoc, the shuttle terminates at the immigration office.

For the full process and costs, head to How to renew you Mexican tourist visa and how much it costs.

Good luck with your travels to the border or your onward journey.

Happy Travels!!

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