Quick guide to travel Spanish to get you started.

Here is a quick guide to your travel Spanish. Learning a few words and sayings will help you on your travels in Mexico.

It’s fun to try and speak a little Spanish with the people, and you will have a few laughs with it along the way. The locals will also appreciate it too. If you wander away from the main tourist areas, you will need to bring out all the Spanish you know.

If you want a compact book to travel with, Mexican Spanish phrasebook and dictionary by Lonely Planet has it all.

And check out other pages on MexicoTrippa – Mexican slang and How to learn Spanish.

  • Greetings 
  • Language troubles
  • Directions
  • Eating out
  • Transport
  • Shopping
  • Time and dates


Hello – Hola

Goodbye – Adiós

Good morning – Buenos días

Good afternoon – Buenas tardes

Good evening/night – Buenas noches

See you soon  – Hasta luego

Please – Por favor

Thank you – Gracias

You’re welcome – De nada

What is your name? – Formal – Como se llama?  Informal – Como te llamas?

My name is.. – Me llamo..

Nice to meet you – Mucho gusto

Where are you from? – De dónde eres?

I’m from.. – Soy de..


Language troubles

Do you speak English? – Habla inglés?

Does anyone here speak English? – Hay alguien aquí que hable inglés?

I don’t speak Spanish – No hablo español

I don’t understand – No entiendo

Can you please repeat that please? – Puede repetirlo por favor?



Where is… – Dónde esta…

Is it far? – Está lejos?

Left – Izquierda

Right – Derecha

Turn left – De vuelta a la izquierda

Turn right – De vuelta a la derecha

One block – Una cuadra

Here – Aquí

There – allá


Eating out

Are you open? – Está abierto?

Do you have a table for four? – Tienen una mesa para cuatro?

I’d like to see the menu – Quisiera ver el menú

Do you have chicken/beef? – Tienen pollo/res?

Do you have beer/soda/water? Tienen cerveza/refresco/agua?

I’d like…. please – Quiero …. por favor

What is in this dish? – Que lleva este plato?

Can you bring me Ketchup/salt/serviette please. – Me trae ketchup/sal/servilleta por favor

The bill please – La cuenta por favor



Where is the bus station? – Donde está  la terminal de autobuses?

Where is the bus stop to…? – Donde está la parada de camiones a ….

A fare to…. please – Un boleto a …. por favor

Whats the fare to…? – Cuánto cuesta hasta…?

What time does the bus leave? A qué hora sale el autobus?

How do i get to the airport? – Cómo llego al aeropuerto?



How much is it? – Cuánto cuesta?

I’m just looking – Soló estoy mirando

May i look at it? – Puedo verlo?

Thats too expensive for me. – Es demasiado caro para mi.

What is your best price? Cuál es tu mejor precio?

I’ll take it – Me lo llevo.

Do you accept American dollars/credit cards? – Aceptan dólares americanos/tarjetas de crédito.


Time and dates

What time is it? – Qué hora es?

It’s one o’clock – Es la una.

It’s five o’clock – Son las cinco. 

Half past five – cinco y media

Noon – Mediodía

Midnight – Medianoche

Now – Ahora

Tonight – Esta noche

Today – Hoy

Yesterday – Ayer


I hope you enjoyed the Quick guide to Travel Spanish. 

Check out the Mexican slang page too.

Happy Travels!!




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