How to renew your Mexican tourist visa at the Guatemalan border and what it costs.

I have been to the Guatemalan border twice in Chiapas in the town of La Mesilla to renew my Mexican tourist visa and paid two different prices for my new 6 month (180 days) visa.

Either way you will have to pay the 380 peso ($19) exit tax.

Pay in Guatemala

The first time, I exited Mexico and paid my exit tax, got my exit stamp, then headed over to Guatemala in the shared taxi. 

Arriving at the Guatemalan immigration, they told me I had to stay in Guatemala for 72 hours until I was allowed to return to Mexico. Having no luggage and no desire to stay in Guatemala, I asked how much I could pay to exit right there and then. After a quick discussion, they gave me the price of 200 Guatemalan Quetzales – Apporx 500 pesos ($25).

It all happened nice and quick. They stamped me in and out of Guatemala, then I headed back to the Mexican immigration, filled out my form and got my new 180 Mexican tourist visa.

Be sure to ask for 180 days!! I have heard of people only getting 90 days.

Pay in Mexico

The most recent visit, I just paid the Mexican immigration without having to go to Guatemala.

They told me if I went to Guatemala that I’d have to stay for 72 hours. As my last visit was 6 months ago, I didn’t want to take the risk that maybe the Guatemalan immigration may not except cash for an instant exit.

Mexican immigration charged me 1500 pesos ($75), this included the 380 peso exit tax. I filled out my form, and returned back to San Cristobal de Las Casas.

It was super quick and very easy. Although it cost me an extra $35, it was secure and instant without the risk of not knowing what will happen with immigration in Guatemala. A smallish price to pay for peace of mind and another 180 days.


Either way it was all quiet simple. If the Mexican immigration offer you a price to renew you Mexican tourist visa there and then, I would go with that without having to leave Mexico.

Good luck with the process.

If you have a different story from another border town, leave a comment below. I’d love to hear about it.

Happy travels!!

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