If you’re coming to Mexico, download WhatsApp.

Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY in Mexico uses Whatsapp!! So do yourself a favor and download it before you get here. You’ll thank me later šŸ˜‰

WhatsApp is the primary way to communicate with everyone here. It’s more popular than text messages, Facebook Messenger, Viber and the old fashion phone call. Normally a conversation with somebody will end in an ‘OK, send me a Whats later’.

It’s also not uncommon to meet somebody for a couple minutes and they’ll ask you if you have WhatsApp, exchange numbers, and lets catch up later tonight or tomorrow. And it’s also handy if you head out for a couple drinks and meet ‘someone’ you’d like to see again…

So if you want to make new friends, it’s important to keep in touch and organise to catch up.

Aside from keeping in touch with new friends, tour operators might need to keep in touch with you or to exchange photos. Also, your Spanish teacher, shop owners, and even your doctor can be contacted at any hour. It’s great.

WhatsApp is a free applicationĀ that can be downloaded on any smartphone and is used for messaging, audio and video calls. It’s the number one way of communicating with everyone.

So do yourself a favor and get on board! And it’s a great way to keep in contact with everyone once you arrive back home.

Happy travels!!


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