Zuzul, Vega del Sol.

The bright blue natural water hole of Zuzul in Vega del Sol in Oaxaca is the perfect place to disconnect from the world for a couple of days. No phone signal, just the peace and quiet in this gorgeous little town with nature.

The fresh, clean water coming up from the ground is beautiful for swimming with a large grass area alongside for relaxing or even a picnic.


Zuzul, Vega del Sol


We were very keen to get in and go for a swim in the morning but the water was freezing! Best to wait until the sun comes out when it’s hot then jump in to freshen up.


Zuzul, Vega del Sol


With the natural clean water coming up from the ground continually, you’ll see many locals washing clothes and bathing in the mornings.


Zuzul, Vega del Sol


Where to stay in Zuzul, Vega del Sol.

There are about 8 bungalows right on the water and are 500 pesos ($25) a night and sleep up to 4 people. The man who attended us even got his friend who owned a little restaurant/tienda to come and take our food orders for dinner and even brought us breakfast at a time we organised. Super friendly!

You can give them a call to book ahead, although its generally quiet through the year except for holiday seasons easter and christmas. Either on 012831017247  or Secretario: 012831017006. Or if the phones are unattended like happened to me, they replied to their Facebook page at Ecotourismo Zuzul.


Zuzul, Vega del Sol
Bungalows right on the water front.


Ask a local to point you in the direction of the waterfalls. It’s about a 20 minute walk from the town center. We actually got talking to a local who took us there as our tour guide and tipped him 150 pesos for helping us out for a couple of hours.

Pack your swimming gear and wear some shoes for the walk.


Zuzul, Vega del Sol
The many waterfalls a 20 min walk from town.


How to get to Zuzul, Vega del sol.

Zuzul is about 5 hours from Oaxaca City. You’ll be dropped off on the main road, and from there you can take a motor taxi or a camionetta (shared pickup truck)

There are mini vans leaving Oaxaca City every hour and cost 140 pesos ($7). It’s best to leave in the morning so you arrive before dark.

The mini vans can be found on calle International, north of the city. 2 blocks north of Parque Llano, opposite the gas station. Mini vans are headed to Tuxtepec. You’ll take these.


Happy Travels!! And enjoy Zuzul.

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